The face behind Auto Social UK

Natisha Chatten

Founder of Auto Social UK

I have always had a keen interest in cars. I have no idea where this came from; neither of my parents are particularly interested in cars and I have never really had any partners that were that bothered by them either but something inside me told me this was the path I was keen to take.

Kicking off my career in the motor trade I started my first role as a social media executive at an independent dealership in 2017. This is where I first discovered my love for being in front of the camera. Back then the videos I produced were often sprung on me the same day and combined with rather a poor level of car knowledge the outcome was questionable to say the least. But despite that, people seemed to really enjoy them and this helped grow my confidence.

I began preparing for videos in far more detail and this practice combined with a lot of personal research meant that as my car knowledge and passion increased so did the demand for my videos.

In February 2018 I started working for Volkswagen in Suffolk. I had always favoured VW as a brand; they were cars myself and family had always had and I held them in high regard. I gathered if there was any brand I was going to have success in selling it was going to be Volkswagen. I thoroughly enjoyed expanding my knowledge even further and gaining on-the-job experience with finance and insurance products. (Something I find extremely important to be able to write and talk about them today.)

As brilliant as my time with Volkswagen was, sales was not something that came natural to myself and I started looking to branch back into video content creation and marketing.

In April 2019 in launched my brand and youtube channel ‘Auto social UK.’ Since this time I have been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing brands who have continued to support my journey. It is a pleasure to be getting some great results and feedback from something I have so much enjoyment creating. I am extremely excited to see what the future has in store for myself and Auto social UK.

Recently I filmed a life update; including my new job and answered some of my subscribers questions.

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