Why car dealerships should be using small car YouTubers now more than ever.

The automotive industry has evolved rapidly over the past decade. It is being shaped by the new generation of car-buyers; those brought up on social media and online shopping who are looking to make their car buying process as contactless as possible. With digital now more of a necessity than a choice, automotive brands andContinue reading “Why car dealerships should be using small car YouTubers now more than ever.”

MINI Cooper S

Bigger and better than ever? Mini’s have always had a large following of ‘mini cheerleaders’ that keep these cars a firm competitor in the current hatch market. No longer is the Mini a one trick pony. They now come in all shapes and sizes; from the humble Mini one to the all-wheel SUV Countryman. DueContinue reading “MINI Cooper S”

Volkswagen’s used car event

Is this the best way to buy a car? Car collected from Barnards Volkswagen.I would like to start off by stating that I no longer work for Volkswagen and though I made some good friends in my colleagues and wish them all the success, this article is all my own personal opinion as to whyContinue reading “Volkswagen’s used car event”

2019 Volkswagen Golf R

What does 40K of Golf get you? The Golf R sits at the top end of the Volkswagen hatch back range in both price and performance. This understated, high powered hot-hatch often gets over looked by those that do not class themselves as ‘car people.’ Pass one on the roads and you may miss it’sContinue reading “2019 Volkswagen Golf R”

Volkswagen Up GTI

A little car worthy of the status? The Up! is the newest member of the Volkswagen family to get a flash of Jacara tartan and dotted with chrome GTI badges but is this humble little city car worthy of such status? Volkswagen practically invented the hot-hatch with the Golf GTI over 4 decades ago. SinceContinue reading “Volkswagen Up GTI”